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Why Do You Need a New Home Construction Specialist When Considering a Newly Built Home?

Builders are ramping up construction, which gives you  more options on the market. Construction is expected to be more robust across the country this year, with single-family housing starts forecasted to rise, according to the National Association of Home Builders. But buying a new home is often more complicated than a traditional real estate purchase.

McWright Realty Can Be Your Essential Alley When Purchasing a Newly Constructed Home

certified new home construction specialist 

McWright Realty Services, a Certified New Home Construction Specialist or a Co-Broker for new construction homes. 

The McWright Real Estate Agency is deeply devoted to smoothing out this type of transaction. A McWright Realty Agent has  access to new homes in inventory with floor plans and descriptive details. 

Some buyers mistakenly assume that salesperson is their representative, when in reality, he or she works for and represents the builder’s best interests. However, McWright Realty Agents work for you, costing you nothing.  McWright Real Estate Agents are not the Home Builder or Home Builder's Sales Representative. 

Buyers purchasing a brand-new home have extra concerns, that will not arise for buying a resale property. For one, the transaction timeline for a home still under construction is likely to be much longer—often six months or more. But, do you have all the time necessary to regularly check and make sure that quality is going into your home, while it stays on schedule? Most new-home buyers may need even more support through a more complicated transaction that could present more roadblocks to their satisfaction. 

New-home buyers also are at high risk of blowing their budgets, as the costs of custom upgrades to the blueprint floor plan can quickly mount. And if you have made a purchase decision based on a model home, any deviation in the final product could spark a dreaded case of buyer’s remorse, wasting your time, but also your money. It is best to talk these things out, with an experienced person in the real estate market. 

As McWright Realty Agent, I can educate you on:

1) Timelines for a new build as well as locate similar homes that are further down the construction timeline, eliminating some or all of the waiting time.

2) Upgrades versus standard builds, helping you decide if this is a want or a need for your family. Maybe a certain feature can be added later, saving you cost upfront.

3) The pricing-the brand, the upgrades, the location costs, etc. I may even know a builder who has the upgrades you want, included in their base price. Or maybe a neighborhood, nearby that cost less to live in.

4) Comparable homes in the area to ensure that you make a wise investment. This way you can avoid adding too many upgrades that have a negative effect on future resales. 

5) Points of negotiating other than price. Negotiating is still an important part of buying a new home. While it’s true that builders resist lowering a home’s price so they can maintain their market comparables, they sometimes are willing to add an incentive if buyers, say, use the builder’s preferred lender.

Plus,  I will  be continually checking in with you, so that you feel less alone. I will be your advocate, making sure you get what you want. I will be available to attend preconstruction updates, design studio visits, and walk-through meetings. I work hard to make your purchase less stressful & more fun. 

Imagine getting a home, that no one else has lived in, one that you had a hand in designing, in the location that you want. It should be exciting, but it can be very stressful. McWright Realty wants to help you make it successful and fun. Let's work together. I will make it worth your while & I will work hard for you!

With that said, let's take a look at some of the new model homes available, by clicking  here.

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